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Youth Ultimate Frisbee Could Be the Next Big Thing

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the niche sports that has recently exploded among American youth.  Lacrosse, roller hockey, and rugby top this list. The Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), which publishes this data, theorizes that as specialization increases in traditional sports, kids may seek fringe sports for casual participation.  Letting your kid try youth Ultimate Frisbee now could lead to a lifelong, healthy passion.  We promote anything that increases participation, and will do our part to increase awareness of these sports!

But why do we like Ultimate Frisbee for kids so much?  The sport requires very little equipment; just a disc and a field.  Ultimate is non-contact, so participants of all ages and sizes can play together.   Family Ultimate Frisbee League could be your next family reunion activity!  You run a ton in Ultimate Frisbee, which leads to health benefits.  Finally, Ultimate Frisbee rewards kids and families as a wholesome Frisbee activity that everyone can enjoy.  A quick note: in this article, the words ‘Frisbee’ and ‘disc’ are used interchangeably, probably to the chagrin of the Ultimate Purists out there.

Best Frisbee for Kids

As we said, youth Ultimate Frisbee requires almost no equipment: just the Ultimate disc, cleats for extra traction, and maybe some cones for boundaries.  Concerning the disc, the eponymous Frisbee brand has actually slipped in reputation, even though the brand and flying disc are indelibly linked.  Avoid the widespread Whammo as well.  The Discraft Ultra Star Sport Disc sets the standard for quality discs.  It weighs the standard 175 grams, comes in many cool designs, and is used at the USA Ultimate Championship Series.  With the perfect flex and durability, this disc prices out all competition for the perfect entry disc.

You may want a soft Frisbee for young kids.  The Aerobie Ring has soft rubber edges that can be caught with ease.  Also, a Frisbee for dogs differs because teeth marks will ruin the hard plastic quickly.  Hyperflite makes good Frisbees for dogs specifically.  And of course, disc golf discs look completely different.  Therefore, their design achieves a totally separate purpose, and as we are not aware of youth disc golf leagues, we won’t be discussing that type of disc.  Glow-in-the-dark Frisbees offer another fun variation on flying discs but don’t work well for Ultimate.

Best Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee

Major brands don’t carry specific Ultimate cleats for kids, so you’ll have to find them in another sport’s section.  Tennis shoes work but don’t provide the necessary traction for quick movement.  Ultimate involves a lot of running, hard cutting, some diving, and quick stopping.  Soccer cleats for kids work great in reducing slipping.  These sell for a low price and you probably already have a hand-me-down pair somewhere.  At higher levels, professionals prefer lacrosse cleats or football cleats because they offer the most cutting and turning studs for getting open.  Learn more in our Kid’s Cleat Selection Guide.

The Future of Youth Ultimate Frisbee

We think that youth Ultimate Frisbee will catch on as a major youth sport.  It is safe, accessible and encourages participation and fairness.  Some players use sleeves or other safety equipment, but all you really need is a disc and ball cap.  If you have a good disc, then the Ultimate gloves become unnecessary.  Ultimate Frisbee has gained participants at high school and young adult leagues near me, so start your kid early to get the edge on this new passion.  Here are the official rules from USA Ultimate.  Or just get your first disc for some family fun at the beach.  Either way, youth Ultimate Frisbee could be the next big thing.

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