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Kids generally have much more resilient bodies than their adult counterparts, which makes youth a great time to push and find our limits on the field of athletic competition. Unfortunately, this spirit of competition present in all sports also allows for the possibility of an injury. Even with better rules, officiating, and equipment, a hit or fall at just the wrong angle can end a season pretty quickly, not to mention some hospital bills. Skipping or skimping on quality equipment can result in more money spent down the road. That’s why today we’re going to look at some of the best quality health and safety equipment on the market to get our young athletes up to 100% and keep them that way.

Sports Compression Arm Sleeve

Many sports take their toll on the athletes’ elbows. Tennis elbow is a well-known example, but baseball, basketball, lacrosse, volleyball, golf, and some football positions experience the same wear and tear on that elbow. In response to this ligament fatigue, we are glad to present Bucwild Sport’s Sports Compression Arm Sleeve. This sleeve has been affirmed by many users to be available. We looked at factors such as fit, comfort, compression, style, and slippage and this sleeve excelled in all categories. Kids love the range of digital camo styles for every team’s colors, which means they will be proud to wear this sleeve and you won’t have to keep reminding them over and over. The sleeve also offers UV protection for those long hours in the sun. The moisture-wicking material gets the sweat off so that arm muscles are warm, relaxed, and ready to perform.

Shock Doctor Pro

Shock Doctor has long been the most trusted name for mouthguards that fit right the first time and do their job every time. This guard is the favorite of athletes from many contact sports including football, basketball, lacrosse, rugby, and soccer. This particular guard only covers the top row, so you will need a different one for boxing and martial arts. It fits best when boiled, and it will hold that fit throughout the season. This is the most comfortable mouthguard on the market, so your kid will not complain and have no problem with keeping it in to protect from serious injury.

ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Ankle injuries are pesky in that they tend to stick around for a long time, and just one misstep can result in serious consequences. Therefore, when your kid hits the court this year, you may want to look into ankle braces and prevent the problem before it happens. Ankle injuries are especially prevalent in basketball and tennis, as well as sports played on artificial turf. The ASO Ankle Stabilizer is the most preferred ankle brace for athletes of all levels when it comes to recovering from a nasty ankle sprain and staying healthy. This brace uses their patented lightweight but durable CoolFlex material. The contoured tongue helps maintain a good fit, and the finger loops make it easy to tighten the straps and provide really good Achilles support. Even if you’re not concerned about sprains, this brace can help arch support for generally flat feet and prevent an injury well down the road.

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

Everyone who has worn goggles and taken part in sporting activities knows that the #1 consideration is visibility! Any goggles can protect your eyes, but we wouldn’t even think it worth mentioning if it just fogs right away and you’re running around blind. Enter Pyramex’s new I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles. These goggles have become the consumer’s favorite for their comfort and visibility in the sweatiest and most humid of conditions. Not your classic rec specs, these goggles can be used for any activity where visibility might be an issue. This includes skiing, snowmobiling, and working in snowy conditions along with playing ice hockey and sports in cold conditions where fog is most likely. These goggles also come in a tinted, UV- protected option to protect your eyes from the sun at the same time. For dirt biking or other activities where face protection is a must, these goggles will work well with any face masks you may choose.

This general list may remind you of some safety considerations this season, but please do your own research for each individual sport. Your kids’ safety is the first priority for both his or her enjoyment of the game and for the reputation of the game itself.

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