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Little Tikes T Ball Set – Read This Before You Buy!


Tee ball is a popular sport among young ones. To others, it is their introduction, not only to baseball or softball but to sports, in general. Given that, it is important that their first encounter with the world of sports is a pleasant one.

One way to make sure that every child has a good experience is to ensure that they have all the necessary equipment required to play a game. The trouble is, many companies are looking to capitalize on this opportunity especially during summertime when every coach, parent, and most especially child is looking what apparel and sports gear they can buy in the market.

This is what we will be going through in the article below. We will be looking at the many T ball sets that children may want to have, especially if they are looking to either prepare themselves for an upcoming season, or if they prefer to continue training even after they have left the pitches.

We will go through them one by one, and stake our reasons for buying or not.

#1 – Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Red) w/5 Balls – Amazon Exclusive

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This item is directed towards toddlers who may be planning to one day join a tee ball summer program. If not, then, maybe your child’s dream is to become a baseball or softball star in the future.

Either way, this can help build those foundations up.

One of its biggest advantages is how it is safe to be used, regardless of your child deciding to use it outside or inside the house. This is because it is made out of plastic which reduces its chances of breaking any valuables, including your neighbors’ glass window or their pots. However, this does not mean that it completely eliminates the likelihood of it happening. It just means that you don’t have to worry as much.

Additionally, in spite of its make, it is claimed by the manufacturers to last long as the plastic is made of durable material.

Another feature that you should be excited about is how its tee can be adjusted according to your child’s height. This is testament to the manufacturer’s vision of the product’s longevity.

Moreover, being able to adjust the height of the tee according to what your child is most comfortable with is a way for you to simulate a real game beforehand because in a real match, the catcher is responsible for adjusting the height of the tee to a level that the batter is most comfortable with.

Having this experience ahead of time gives your child’s team a one up in the match because they already know what level they are most comfortable with, and having practiced that over and over again results in good muscle memory.

Lastly, this can be easily stored, and with five balls already conveniently included in the package, you get spares if any balls go missing.

#2 – Little Tikes T-Ball Set (Pink) w/5 Balls (Amazon Exclusive)

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Easily transitioning over to the this one – significantly similar – however, this is directed more towards the female counterparts. The only difference that it has is its color because in spite of the movement going away from this sexist notion, children creates a bias towards gender-strong association.

However, all the features are similar – plastic made to ensure safety indoor and outdoors. It is also supplied with five plastic tee balls, and more importantly, it can be stored quite easily not because it can be folded, and not because of its miniature size.

It can easily be stored because when your space on the ground is not enough, it can be hung on the wall when needed. The previous product also had the same feature.

Also, if you are wondering why the bat and the balls are oversized, it is because it was designed to help children to hit the ball easily as they work on the notion that building confidence is important too.

#3 – Franklin Sports Kids Baseball Tee – Tee Ball & Pop-a-Pitch Combo

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This equipment is the only one that is officially licensed by the Major League Baseball, and as proof, they have their logo plastered in its packaging.

On the off chance that you are not a sports pundit, Major League Baseball is the biggest professional league for those who play baseball.

To have their seal on a child’s equipment that is in line with the sport that they are promoting should be endorsement enough to gain the confidence of the public.

What differentiates this equipment from those that came before it in the list is the fact that it has two functions – one with a tee, and another replicates a pitch, or at least a moving ball.

For tee ballers, this has a tee where a ball can be rested on top and then it can be struck.

If, however, you want more of a challenge, take away the tee and use its pop-a-pitch machine. You can gain access to this by taking away the tee which reveals a mechanism that allows the balls that come with the package to be placed and popped up, mimicking a pitch, or a moving ball in general.

The latter poses added challenge making a child developing their baseball skills used to a moving target.

To pop-up the ball, you just have to press the third base or the home base on the equipment.

#4 – ToyVelt TBall Set For Toddlers With 6 Balls

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This equipment is essentially similar to those which were mentioned before, but from a different company. Additionally, what makes it distinct is how it provides six balls with the equipment compared to the five that others offer.

Unfortunately, its tee cannot be adjusted which is a very convenient feature highlighted in many other equipment of the same type. However, let this not take away a great opportunity for training your children at such an early age because this is still a great alternative.

It can still be hung on the wall if you need an option for storage. It comes with a bat, and its entire make is made out of high quality plastic which makes it safe for both indoors and outdoors.

#5 – Tee-Ball Sport Set – 6 Balls and 1 Soft Ball with Bat & Glove

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If you are just looking for a tee ball, softball, or a baseball set that can introduce these sports to your children, you will not be getting any more value for your money than with this set.

Aside from the six baseballs that it already comes in with, it has the complete set of being made out of plastic for your household’s safety. An oversized bat to build that confidence in your young one. The additional storage option and the adjustable tee that comes very handy when the time comes that your child has grown and is starting to aim higher than they did before.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Six balls equate to two strikes, meaning it will take that long before you actually have to pick up the same balls

To top what this set offers, it comes with a complete set of softball and a glove, and it is a one size fits all kind of deal. With this, not only is your child able to practice hitting a ball for a fair play, or a homerun, even, but they can also become adept at becoming a pitcher.

Basically, this set will train your child to become a versatile player that may become very valuable to a team in the future.

#6 – CeleMoon 16-Inch Kids Soft Foam T-Ball Baseball Set Toy, 8 Different Colored Balls

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This must be the most unique of this entire list because, among that were mentioned and are about to be mentioned, this is the only one that is completely made out of foam instead of plastic.

What this means is that it is even safer for your household, and all the more safer when used outside. You further lower the risk of harming anything in your household, and all the more the neighbors’ household as your child gets enough strength to swing the balls out of the park.

An added benefit of this particular set is that it includes eight balls which entails the two regular baseballs, and six other balls that can be used in any versatile way you can. In addition, this means you do not have to worry about losing one because of how many back up balls you have.

The biggest concern with this set is how it is made of foam. Normally, this would get dirty very quickly and to get any stain off would be hard. However, according to the manufacturers, the foam used to make these can easily be washed and does not stain easily. So, worrying about it staining should not be a problem.

Also, because it is made out of foam, it is a hard fact that it can easily be carried due to its lightweight nature. Although, in spite this, this tee ball set also includes a bat bag allowing for the set to be carried around everywhere with the hassle of weight.

#7 – Little Tikes T-Ball Set + Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set (Amazon Exclusive)

This is a way for parents to give their children a choice – by exposing them to two sports, all at once.

In this set, you are given a tee ball set that could pave the way towards a passion for baseball or softball, and a basketball hoop.

Like mentioned before, this tee ball set is fully adjustable according to the child’s height. It can also be hung on the wall, and is made of plastic for safety.

The biggest bonus with this one is how it offers a basketball set in its packaging. This can be adjusted up to a maximum of two to four feet. It will also include three junior sized basketball that can be use in addition to the five baseballs that is inlcuded in the overall packaging.

However, the baseball set has the option of being stored while being hung on the wall. The basketball one, you might want to look for room.

#8 – Little Tikes TotSports Easy Hit Golf Set + 3 Balls + 2 Clubs & T-Ball Set (Red) w/5 Balls – (Amazon Exclusive)

Much like the previous one on the list, this set offers exposing your children that to two sports while they are young to develop their curiousity of several sports.

Everybody already knows what the tee ball set is – a set of five balls, adjustable tee, oversized equipment, safety, and a cost effective means of storing .

What this set has that is not with any other set is the inclusion of a golf set which allows for a game of putt-putt to be played in the backyard. It includes a pair of golf clubs, three pieces of golf balls, and a makeshift hole for you to aim for.

However, it also added a storage makeshift bag where you can put all of these golf pieces in one convenient


Equipment, for any sport, should never be taken for granted. They hold the key for when training sessions are conducted, and ultimately the game because if even just one is missing, that increases the likelihood of the entire match being canceled.

Summertime is upon us, and the amount of people selling sporting goods has made it increasingly difficult. However, if you take the time to look into each and every product that is available in the market, you will find those above have the biggest value for your money.

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