If you haven’t heard of Speed Stacking you haven’t been paying attention. I love this cup stacking because it is fun to do and to watch, and it’s accessible to everyone.

Speed Stacking engages girls and boys, from the youngest of all stars (U6 league) to a 60+ senior division. It’s a great activity for our special needs all stars who often cannot participate in other sports. You can choose to buy cup stacking cups and official gear or just use plastic cups leftover from your last picnic. Speed stacking videos demonstrate how to improve hand-eye coordination. Plenty of social clubs and PE teachers are recognizing the potential of this sport.

So grab a set of Speed Stacking cups and some friends or parents to practice with, and before long, your junior all-star is ready to go for the cup stacking world record (currently 4.753s by Chan Keng Ian for the Individual Male cycle, this kid has skills).

How Speed Stacking Began

In 1981 a guy named Wayne Godinet was at the Boys and Girls Club in Oceanside, California. The kids had grown tired of all the activities he could throw at them. In a flash of inspiration he grabbed some Dixie Cups and made a game out of stacking them. The kids loved it.

It wasn’t long before Godinet was hosting a national championship tournament in Oceanside.

The sport first appeared on The Tonight Show in 1990, but took shape with the 1998 founding of Speed Stacks Inc. and the World Sport Stacking Association (WSSA).

Now Speed stacking engages girls and boys around the world, from our very young all stars (U6 league) to a 60+ senior division. It also provides inclusion for our special needs Allstars, and those with autism.

Where to Buy Speed Stacking Cups

The essential speed stacking equipment consists of StackMat, 12 Speed Stacks cups, and a Gen Timer. Like any sport, equipment must be approved, and when it comes to cup stacking cups that means they are provided by the Speed Stacks company.

You can buy Speed Stack cups, timer and mat separately, but it’s cheaper to get a set. Our favorite is the Speed Stacks Competitor set. It has everything you need.

Sport Stacking sets are available in most stores where sporting goods are sold, and you can get them on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime you can get them fast and shipping is free.

The Cup Stacking Cup Sets

Best Single Set

If you need just one set for your kids (or yourself) to get started this is the best one to get. It includes everything you need to get ready for real competition.

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Best Budget Set

If you don’t want spend as much, and don’t need to worry about the mat of timer, these officially sanctioned cups will do the trick.

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Best Buy for Clubs or Schools

If you need multiple sets for club or a school program you can buy this terrific package that includes a great carry case.

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Cup Stacking Instructions from Speed Stacks

The World Stacking Association (WSSA), has published a detailed rulebook to make sport stacking records and events official. You can find it on the World Stacking Association website

Here it is in a nutsell:

There is an officially sanctioned cup stacking cups, mat and timer, all produced by Speed Stacks. These are the only ones allowed.

A ‘stack’ is an individual group of cups up stacked or down stacked such as a 3 stack, 6 stack or 10 stack. Because each level adds 1, 2, 3 or 4 cups, the individual pyramids must have 1, 3, 6 or 10 cups.

The 10 stack has 4 levels; 1+2+3+4 = 10. Up stacking refers to building the pyramid. Down stacking refers to collapsing the stack with a cup in each hand. Each stack in a sequence must be completely up stacked before it can be down stacked. The timer starts and ends when the stacker places the palms of both hands on the mat.

And fumbling a cup will disqualify that time.

Official sport stacking rules describe events with three sequences:

First, the competitors stack 3-3-3 by making 3 stacks of 3 each from left to right or right to left. The stacks must then by down stacked into 3 stacks in the same order. This is the fastest sequence.

The next, 3-6-3, uses 12 cups and the middle stack is a 6 stack, with 3 stacks on both sides.

The final cup stacking challenge is the cycle. First, stack a 3-6-3. Then, down stack and back up into a 6-6. Collapse the 6-6 into 2 stacks and build the 12 cups into a 1-10-1.

The challenging finish requires the 1-10-1 to be down stacked into 3 stacks of 3, 6, and 3.

The categories of male, female and combined compete for the fastest of these three sequences as Individuals, Doubles and Relay.

Some tournaments include fun side-by-side child/parent doubles.

Speed Stacking: Great for Beginners of All Ages

Your kids are going to love it and chances are so will you. But it’s not just good fun, Sport Stacking has tons of benefits. It improves hand eye coordination, builds community, and encourages and sportsmanship, as players support each other striving for their personal best. Thousands of recreational cup stacking clubs are registered on  WSSA’s ClubHub. It’s easy to find a group in a major city, or just have a family competition.