Smelly Gym Clothes

Best Odor Eliminators for Sports

You don’t have to be a clean freak to recognize that sports can stink – really, really bad.

Soccer shin pads after a game in the rain.  Basketball practice clothes were left in the gym bag over the weekend.  Sneakers worn without socks all day.  The list goes on.

Sports that involve lots of padding tend to be the worst offenders, such as hockey, lacrosse, and football.  But fear not, there are many tools at your disposal to combat the sports stench.  Odor removal or odor absorbers soak up a stink from the soiled shoes, pad, bag, or room.  Odor eliminator or odor neutralizer products attack the bacteria at the source of the smell, saving your nose from all that nastiness.

We reviewed the various odor eliminator products available to solve this perennial problem, With the best odor eliminator and steady care, sports smells don’t stand a chance!

Best Shoe Odor Eliminators

Nothing is worse than the smell of stinky teenage feet. Shoe soles provide a great environment for smelly bacteria to flourish because they are wet, warm, and dark. And the feet of a teen athlete bring that nasty smell to a whole new level. So how do you deal with that stinky shoe funk?

Foot Sense All Natural Smelly Foot and Shoe Powder

Parents can attack this directly with shoe odor spray or powder.  Odor spray is favored by bowling shoe rentals, who spray after every use.  For less frequent treatment, many prefer neutralizer powder.

Our favorite remedy, All Natural Smelly Foot & Shoe Powder is designed to eliminate foot and shoe odor, neutralize smelly shoes, and prevent bacteria.  For people with smelly feet, the powder can be sprinkled on the shoe before wearing, and your feet will emerge scentless after a long day!

Keep a can near your shoe locker or in the trunk of your car, and apply liberally for smelly foot relief.

Best Odor Eliminator Charcoal Deodorizer Inserts

Besides spray and powder eliminators, there are many disposable odor removers that are inserted into the shoe, pad or gym bag.  Charcoal bag inserts are a popular and effective option for shoe inserts.

We like the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, which contains Moso bamboo charcoal. The porous charcoal absorbs the smell if you leave the bags in your stinky shoes, slippers, or lacrosse gloves.  Then, once a month, you leave the bag in the sun to release whatever it’s soaked up.

Best Non-Charcoal Odor Eliminator Shoe Inserts

Sneaker Balls and Odor Eaters boast some of the best reputations in absorbing shoe odor, but we found some more products that were just as effective for cheap on Amazon. Notably, the Odor Gladiator Deodorizer comes in small balls with a replaceable insert and gets the job done.  One refill can keep the hockey bag stink away for a year.  Shoes stink, but staying on top of it with these odor eater balls will prevent the worst consequences.

Some Home Deodorizer Remedies

Along with the above options on Amazon, home remedies may answer all your odor-elimination needs.  Baking soda has been largely debunked as the instant fridge and pantry freshener.  However, other household products eliminate odor effectively.  Old dryer sheets can soak up a smell when inserted in the shoe before wearing.  Vinegar soaking will power through almost any smell and works as well as any commercial soak.  Finally, washing equipment regularly can prevent bacterial buildup.  Gym bags and PE clothes should be emptied and aired out as soon as you get home from school or the game, and not forgotten for a few days.

Common sense cleaning like this improves sanitation and prevents odors, so your kid’s sneakers don’t end up in Odor Eater’s Hall of Fumes..  The fight to get rid of sports odor requires vigilance, but all of our noses are depending on you!

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