Fidget toys, also called fiddle toys or sensory toys, are now all the craze.  In the past few months, they have popped up in offices, waiting rooms and classrooms.  Now, researchers are studying the benefits of fidget toys for ADHD, such as this group at UC Davis.  One author quipped “A trial-by-trial analysis reveals more intense physical activity is associated with better cognitive control performance in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder”.  They are also looking into fidget toys for adults and fidget toys for autism.  We are excited about any development that helps attention spans.  The best fidget toys for ADHD that we tested are the fidget spinners.  You pinch the fidget spinner in the middle with one hand and give it a whirl with the other.  The high quality spinners can rotate for more than two minutes.  After finding a ton of options, we decided to break them down for you.

Holisouse Fidget Tri-Spinner on Amazon

The fidget spinner looks simple, but give it one spin and you will be hooked.  Something about the nearly-frictionless motion is very pleasing, even mesmerizing.  Also, the inertia from the spinning resists wrist rotation.  The charm of the spinner is hard to define exactly.  The original iterations came with two poles, but three poles ‘tri-spinners’ are now more popular thanks to improved spin times.  The spinners have weights on the outside to increase inertia and spinning momentum.  The bearings upon which it spins come in materials of varying quality performance.  The most affordable spinners are made of hard plastic with ceramic bearings.  Higher quality copper EDC spinners can spin longer but cost a bit more. For this review we tried out the best fidget spinner on Amazon, the Holisouse Tri-Spinner.

best fidget toys for adhd for adults for autism fidget spinners

best fidget toys for adhd for adults for autism fidget spinners

The Holisouse Tri-Spinner provides a perfect entry option for those curious about fidget spinners.  The hard plastic build provides a solid weight and durability, while keeping the cost low.  The ceramic bearings spin freely and quietly for more than a minute every time, after two weeks of use.  Our record is 1 minute, 55 seconds, which doesn’t quite agree with the three minute spin advertised on the site.  The bearings and weights are removable in case anything needs to be changed out.  Our favorite aspect is the size.  This fidget spinner for ADHD weighs a few ounces and fits easily in your pocket, so it’s perfect for everyday carry (EDC) and classroom or office use.  It also comes in many colors and designs.  We’ve posted a few of the ‘action shots’ that we took.


Apsung ADHD Copper Hand Spinner vs TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy

Okay, you’ve picked up a fidget spinner and you’ve totally hooked.Perhaps you entered the space with the Holisouse Tri-Spinner.  Other brands like Balai, EWR, NEWBEA and SpinTech make similar products.  Now a few extra dollars can feed your addiction with a higher quality material, like a copper spinner.  The Apsung ADHD Fidget Toy is an EDC copper hand spinner made from premium copper.  Users swear by its ability to maintain spin for 6 minutes!  The long spin time comes from the denser copper weights and German crafted 606 bearings.  The center unscrews for easy maintenance via alcohol soaking.  Victorem, Woocon, and Samshao also make similar copper spinners.  They are hard to compare, because they are really different sellers for the same manufacturer.  All of them have similar ratings, reviews and spin times on Amazon.

For a few more bucks, Amazon carries a copper alloy spinner called the TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Fidget Toy. It lives up to its mouthful of a name with 8 minute spin times thanks to its dense copper body.  Longer spin times assist kids with anxiety during class, homework and road trips.  The TYZEST is actually a little thinner and longer than the Apsung ADHD Fidget Toy.  Therefore, it weighs only 2.4 ounces versus the Apsung EDC Spinner 2.8 ounces (80 grams).  The rose gold color fetches eyes, but the red copper hue of the TYZEST also outshines cheaper plastic spinners.  Ultimately, if you are looking to upgrade from the plastic Holisouse spinners, you can get these high quality copper fidget spinner for less than 30 dollars.  With these options, it comes down to aesthetic preference.  Stainless steel spinners, like the Zentri spinner, provide the next step up in quality, looks, and price.

Other Fidget Toys for ADHD

In addition to the countless fidget spinners available on Amazon, we also want to introduce a few more popular items.  Fidget focus cubes and fidget mesh have received a lot of positive attention.  The Focus Cube offers a number of motor movements like clicking and pressing the various buttons.  The nylon mesh, My Fidget Friend, stretches and contains a marble.  The marble slides back and forth inside the material.  These are very affordable, child safe, and recommended by pediatric and occupational therapists.  Incredibly, these simple products have been found to reduce anxiety and stress in children and adults, while helping them to stay focused.  We can all think of someone who could use a little help in that department!

Thank you for checking out our review.  Toys are fun to review because you actually get to play with them!  These EDC ADHD spinners have blossomed to full-on fad status, but they deserve it because they’re actually really fun and addictive.  Also the positive research surrounding fidget toys for ADHD encourages us further to promote their spread.  Have you seen these spinners in school?  Some teachers have started to crack down, but others have seen improved attention spans.  Let us know in the comments if you have tried these fidget toys, and how you or your kid liked them.  Remember to check with your kid’s teacher first before purchasing.  We want to make sure that we increase focus, not add to the distractions!

Where Can I Buy A Fidget Spinner

Now that the fidget spinner has fully arrived (and possibly left?) many retail stores keep them in stock.  You can buy them in the toy aisle at Target or Walmart, and even at gas station checkout counters.  However, Amazon and other online outlets still have the largest selection.  Amazon is the best option for higher-end fidget spinners like the Apsung or TYZEST spinners.