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Pop Warner Bans 3 Point Stance in Youngest Divisions

Back in the day a football player that took a blow to the head hit head was told to just shake it off. But now we know that concussions are a serious issue in the world of football. As parents of athletic kids, we are aware that injuries occur, but we want to know that our young athletes are safe from any long-lasting or permanent injury, and of course, we must all at all costs protect their developing brains.

In an effort to make football safer for kids, Pop Warner has announced a change in the rules that bans the 3-point stance in the youngest divisions.

We think this a good thing.

“When making decisions like this we first look at them from a medical standpoint and examine whether the change will make the playing experience safer for our young athletes. We believe this rule does that,” said Julian Bailes, MD, chairman of the Pop Warner Medical Advisory Committee and NorthShore University Health System’s surgical director at NorthShore Neurological Institute and chair of the Department of Neurosurgery. “Eliminating the three-point stance should lessen the amount of force between linemen and we expect it will cut down on unintentional helmet contact at the line.”

-Jon Butler, executive director of Pop Warner Little Scholars

This new rule applies to the Tiny Mite (5-7), Mitey Mite (7-9), and Junior Pee Wee (8-10) beginning in the 2019 season. If it works out well for the youngest divisions they will consider this rule for the older divisions.

You can read the announcement on the Pop Warner website.

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