It’s still cold outside, but the diehard water sportsmen are already looking into grabbing their wetsuits! Wakeboarding has supplanted water skiing and slaloming to become the kids’ favorite watersport. The reasons are plenty: it is comparatively easy to get up your first time, it is becoming more available with the proliferation of wakeboard cable parks, and finally, it definitely offers the most potential for busting sweet tricks. We’ve reviewed a number of manufacturers to find you the best youth wakeboard on the market, whether your kid is just getting up for the first time, or moving up to the next length after mastering the starter board. We’ll also help you choose the right size and shape of board. Check out our guide to see what is right for you!

Best Wakeboard for Kids – RAVE Sports Rave Jr.

This is our go-to youth wakeboard. Why? For a very affordable price, the RAVE Sports Rave Jr. Wakeboard offers kids the easiest (and least frustrating) chance of learning the ins and outs of wakeboarding. This lightweight board is made to be especially stable for anyone under 125 pounds. The oval shape creates a wide midsection that gives extra stability, and once you master turning a bit, you can add the included fins to turn a little sharper. The comfortable boots have easy-to-pull bindings that straps the kid in securely.  Believe me, you don’t want everyone to get worn out putting the boots on before you even start the boat.

I learned to ride on a very similar model; the Hydroslide 180 Kids Wakeboard.  I know you will have the same fun learning experience.  It could lead on to a life of enjoying water sports. Keep in mind that junior wakeboards are smaller, with this one being 122 cm from tip to tip, and once the user is above 125 pounds you should be looking for something in the 130 cm to 140 cm range for the same level of stability.  Grab this board online or at your nearest sporting store to experience the memories I’m talking about.

RAVE Sports New! Jr. Impact II (2) Wakeboard with Charger Boots
  • Oval design with wide center for stability · Continuous rocker (5.08cm/2" rocker) · 48" x 15" x .5" (122cm x 39cm x 1.27cm) · Wakeboard Made in the USA · Fits most child shoe sizes · For riders under 125 lbs. (57 Kg)

Best Girl’s Youth Wakeboard – CWB Factory Blemish Wakeboard

As skill level increases, the board gets thinner and the fins get longer to enable sharp cuts and turns. Longer youth wakeboards will help the developing rider to grow into the board’s size. Another benefit of longer boards is that they are easier to push through the water, meaning that less force is used to stay up, so these are preferred once riders are able to stay up and want to ski longer. Once the youth wakeboard rider starts jumping the wake, longer boards are also much easier to land on.  The length gives the rider more room for balance error.

Once the rider has ‘getting air’ on the mind, look into a board like the CWB Youth Wakeboard. The only thing related to girls is the design, but the function is top notch. This is a real step up from the beginner oval-shaped board. The
CWB Factory Wakeboard has dual channels on each side and center-mounted fins for more aggressive cornering and turning. The board is one of the lightest that we reviewed, coming in at about 13 pounds and 124 cm. The board comes with O’Brien bindings which are known for their quality and durability

CWB Connelly 2016 Bella Blank Wakeboard, 124 cm
  • System 80 core= lightweight; soft, chatter-dampening composition; durable core
  • Shaped for learning proper technique
  • Forgiving center spine
  • Subtle 3-stage rocker
  • 4 x 4 molded fins w/removable center fin

Advanced Wakeboard for Jumping – Liquid Force Fury 123 Kids Wakeboard

Liquid Force Kids WakeboardIs your kid the next big thing in the wakeboarding world? If you are already shooting demo videos and getting calls from sponsors, then there is probably not a whole lot of advice I can give you at this point.

But we want to feature this board anyways, so here goes. For this level, we like the Liquid Force Fury Kid’s Wakeboard.

Liquid Force has designed this youth wakeboard for the advanced youth rider, with a sharper outline and more aggressive curve on each side. The Fury series helps the rider learn to turn sharply and get more pop off of the wake.

This board also has less flex than the entry boards, which demands more control but also enables much more performance. Consider this board to take your wakeboarding to the next level.

Liquid Force Fury Wakeboard, Blank
  • Offers big boosts with smoother transitions
  • Three-stage hybrid rocker
  • Smooth and predictable wakeboard

Best Beginner Wakeboards for Kids – ZUP You Got This 2.0 Review

ZUP has redesigned their hit board for the very early beginners.  They want toddlers to be able to get up no problem.  This all-in-one pack has everything you need to get up and kneeboarding or wakeboarding, besides the ski boat.  Although it is designed for kids, beginner adults are also able to use it, up to 300 pounds.  If you like having guests to your boathouse who aren’t used to the water, this
ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board Handle Combo may be a great addition to your skiing wheelhouse.  Gone are the days of pulling the boat around 100 times because the newcomer can’t stay in the ‘fetal’ position when being pulled up on the youth wakeboard.  You won’t be able to jump or switch, but you will be having fun!

ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board Handle Combo - All in One Watersports Board - Wakeboard, Kneeboard, Wakesurf Board and Water Skis in One!
  • BOARD + HANDLE COMBO PACK - The built in handle hook allows riders to start, move to a kneeling position or move to a standing position without worrying about holding onto the handle. This feature combined with the unique Double ZUP Handle allows for the easiest starts possible and unmatched control.
  • EASY TO USE - Most Versatile water sports board available. Designed to accommodate riders of all ages and ability levels with excellent stability and control. This is the easiest and most user friendly watersports product to ever hit the market!
  • AMAZING VERSATILITY - Can be ridden in a lying down position like a tube, kneeling like a kneeboard, standing like a pair of water skis, sideways like a wakeboard and even surfed behind boat! Easy slip-in foot straps can also be used as knee pads or elbow pads for a comfortable ride in any position.
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE - With so many options for riding the ZUP You Got This 2.0 board, everyone will be able to enjoy fun on the water! All riders, regardless of skill level will be able to choose an activity and have a blast! Riders with greater abilities will be able to carve, ski, spin, surf and perform tricks while less ambitious riders will be able to calmly cruise along. This really is the first board that the whole boat can enjoy.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - ABS Molded construction will keep the board working great after getting beat up over time. EVA foam padding will hold up and provide a comfortable ride for years to come. Integrated side handles are covered with a soft rubber that provides excellent grip that will stand the test of time.

We have reviewed some of the top youth wakeboard options for every skill level.  However, many of these good brands are not available on Amazon.  You may have more luck with Academy Sports, Walmart, or Target.  For online options that aren’t Amazon, check out specialized vendors like Mastercraft.

Be sure to get all the right gear before you get started!  A good rope and handle, and helmet can make all the difference.  Don’t forget to always have plenty of Coast Guard-approved life jackets for each kid.  We hope you find your youth wakeboards to be fun and rewarding purchases that will last for many years!  For more fun in the sun, check out our list of family beach games.